Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Philips Arena in Atlanta - Security Theater

Want to see a big name music concert, comedy act, Hawks basketball game, or Disney on Ice? Well then, Philips Arena is your go-to spot in Atlanta.

It's owned by the Atlanta-Fulton County Recreation Authority, in other words, it's city owned property.

Per Georgia state law (HB 60 from 2014), this public property is legally open to licensed carriers of firearms, even though it qualifies as a "government building" under OCGA 16-11-127. However, since they have weapons screening at their events, they can prohibit armed citizens (
licensed or not) from entering the building.

There's a catch, though. Their "security screening" is far less thorough than TSA style security screenings, and you know even the TSA misses stuff. One man even mistakenly flew on an airline recently with a loaded pistol in his carry-on baggage, on a domestic flight from Atlanta to Chicago.

And another case where a police officer mistakenly flies with her pistol on an international flight:

If you are a good guy and want to attend an event at Philips Arena, but prefer to remain armed for your safety and that of your family, here's how you can get around their metal detectors:

Wear a large belt buckle and use a sticky type holster inside your pants. I have knowledge that this has worked rather well. Wear pants a little bit larger so you won't be bulging. Also, you could wear your pistol in an ankle holster. As of the date of this article, they are not wanding ankles. 

You will need to wear some metal item not easily removed as a decoy for your gun beeping the metal detectors, even with ankle carry. They do not require folks to remove articles of clothing at this time, at least not belts or shoes.

Don't think I'm giving bad guys any ideas. All of this is pretty elementary stuff on how to bypass metal detectors. This is all public info, and believe me, Philips Arena security and the APD there ALL know about it. Yet, their desire to get people in quickly overrides any security concerns over firearms getting in.

Why would they want to hold up the lines any more than they already do? Time is money, and this proves: 1. This is Security Theater (appearances to pacify the sheep that something is being done) 2. Money is more important than actual security.

If they really wanted to keep out weapons, they would at least have TSA style screening. Though that would not be 100%, it would be several times more effective than what they have now. Currently, at least half a dozen guns are getting in at each and every large event there. Don't doubt me!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

X-Factor Style "Entertainment" © 2017 Phillip Evans

Since there is no way I can avoid appearing to be an old curmudgeon while opining on this topic, I may as well go all out and relish and roll around in it, and make the pleasure of writing this article a savored experience.

Trust me, I will eventually get to the X-Factor stuff and even talk about Simon Cowell, but it will take a little while, but not too long for those who worship instant gratification. 

Photo by See Li

Warning: Brash Opinions Up Ahead! Please take a detour if any criticism of pop culture tends to trigger you, LOL!

First, a little history as a backdrop to help provide some illustration. Of what exactly, I'm not sure, but it is something.

Elvis Presley. Need I say more? He was truly one of the greatest entertainment stars that ever lived.

That is not because he was one of the greatest vocalists in the world. He was not. He was, however, the complete package. He was good looking, had some great dance moves, loads of charisma, and he could actually sing on pitch most of the time without help from modern gimmicks such as Auto-Tune that today's singers often rely heavily on.

And the natural quality of his voice had a pleasantness to it, combined with his vocal skill to produce pure sounding notes.

One reason I admire both Elvis' and Michael Jackson's vocal ability is that they could scream or growl a note, while still maintaining the ability to make pure vocal sounds whenever they wanted. And were able to do so throughout their entire careers - not an easy feat, apparently.

Singers like Joe Cocker, Rod Stewart, Neil Diamond, and Kenny Rogers sounded pretty good with their gravel voices early in their careers, but by depending almost solely on that to bring emotion to their songs, and by not doing it carefully with an eye to their vocal health, they wore down their voices to a caricature of what they once were. 

But kudos to Kenny Rogers for once publicly admitting to singing too throaty and hurting his voice. Most such singers try to pretend this hasn't happened to them and still belt it out trying to regain the lost magic that obviously left the building a long time ago.

Not all overly rough voices sound awful. I enjoyed listening to Bonnie Tyler years ago even when she had vocal issues, and could not sing a clear note at that time for all the tea in China. Sure, it was a shock when I first heard her, but she was so good I couldn't help but enjoy her singing. Once her vocal chords healed, she was even better with Eclipse Of The Heart in later years.

I have no idea what happened to golden-voiced Anne Murray. The lovely Canadian songbird early in her career always sang pure notes. She never pushed her voice hard that I could tell, but now she can't help but growl when she sings, and it is not easy on the ears like a vocally injured Bonnie Tyler was.

I recall hearing a live album or recording of a live show many years ago by Contemporary Christian Artist Sandi Patty, who talked about trying to emulate singer Karen Carpenter when she was young. She then gave the audience an imitation of Karen Carpenter singing, going out of her way to sound gravely. Sorry Sandi, but Karen did not sound like that at all. Karen had one of the most pure vocal sounds there ever was in recorded music.

Now on to shows like X-Factor. I get it. They are there to make shows to make money, and do so on the backs of kids and young adults dreaming to make it big. It's a willing exploitation on both sides, but the kids seem to get the shortest end of the stick.

Most of them are destined to grow old talking about how they sang a few times in front of millions, with little else to show for it.

Simon Cowell, out of all judges on any of these type shows I've seen gets it right more times than anyone else gets it right. He gently slaps dreamers out of their starry visions of splendor back down to reality, and the ones this happens to badly need it. 

They desperately need to get their heads back down in order to plan out a realistic future in medicine, law, engineering, aviation, etc, because they simply can't cut it as a singer no matter how much their moms and dads tell them they can, who glare at the judges when they don't appreciate their baby's star potential.

But it's not all rosy for Simon. Just because he has first place in getting things right doesn't mean he misses. And he misses quite a bit, gushing over young ones who don't stand a chance, merely because the present audience hoots and hollers for them. At least that's the only reason apparent to me.

Yes, it is show business, so Mr. Cowell can't shoot down too many of them, or that would not be sporting. It would make for gloomy TV. So some tender dreams must unfortunately be strung along for a time, only to come crashing down later, taking an even greater toll on those who wanted it so badly. 

I suppose the earlier history lesson should really be a lesson to the gravely-voiced young wannabe singers of today, whose overly-affected voices strainingly growl out "note" after "note" egged on by an audience that wouldn't know pure singing if it bit them on their derriere. 

For if these "singers" do somehow make it on the strength of their looks and booty-shaking or an overly produced electronic wonder song, their careers will be short-lived from vocal abuse.

But I believe this is in large part because most people these days are generally deaf. As in cannot hear at all, unless the volume is cranked up so high as to have their knees knocking together much less the anvil, stirrup, and hammer bones in their inner ears.

Case in point: Everywhere there is any sort of public address system or intercom in any theme park or other public attraction, it always annoyingly blasts someone's exaggerated vocal inflections describing what you're seeing or providing some little known facts into the ear-bleed decibel range.

This usually happens when you're a captive audience and can't flee, such as in a box three-hundred feet in the air with thirty other people pressing the wind out of you.

All, and I mean all, music concerts or festivals are the same way volume-wise. Finally, there are the plentiful boorish yahoos in crowds that always want to have a screaming contest between them, especially when they are right behind or next to you.

The only thing I can conclude is that the general public simply cannot hear the gravel or screaming in a singer's voice, far as I can surmise. If they see a good looking "singer" with lips moving, they just assume it's good and fall all over themselves.

What got me thinking about all this is the poor little blond girl on a new X-Factor show who got showered with all sorts of applause and praise, even from Simon Cowell, but who seemed convinced that screeching was identical to singing. 

When they start out that young deliberately trying to damage their voices for a million-to-one shot at fame and fortune, that's just pathetic. And it's borderline criminal when big money making shows aid and abet them in doing so.

Just once, instead of Simon lavishing praise on one like that, or Mel B. drawing out a long over-the-top British accent to do the same, I'd like to hear them say this:

"Come back and sing for us again when you are recovered from your cold or sore throat, and if you're not ill, then please get a vocal coach to help you produce actual singing notes instead of gravely screeches. Do that and you might go far, just like Elvis."

Note: This is a departure from my usual line of topics. Sometimes it's good to take a break. Let there be liberty for real singing! ;-)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Georgia Campus Carry Bill HB 280 Signed © 2017 Phillip Evans

Your pistol (no long guns allowed) must be substantially covered so as not to draw the attention of another person. In other words, basically concealed. No open carry allowed.

There are several restrictions regarding carry. I suppose citizens can't expect to get back too much liberty at one time. It's not politically expedient. This news article sums them up pretty well:

Georgia HB 280 Campus Carry

If you have any questions about the law, there are some helpful folks at more than willing to try and answer them.

Private colleges and universities will still be off limits under state law. However, private post-secondary schools still have the authority to authorize licensed adults (both students and staff) to carry a pistol on campus. A signed agreement between campus admin and licensed student is required detailing what model gun will be carried, what areas it can be carried in and when, and include an expiration date for the agreement.

However, don't hold your breath they will do so. Instead, they will tell their sitting ducks, I mean students and staff, that current security measures in place are good enough for them.

"Good for the public colleges. Not so good for the private colleges, as they will now be perceived as a much softer target by criminals, crazies, and terrorists.

If I were a student at a private college, I'd be wanting to see a MUCH greater presence of armed security on campus to keep me safe. I hope the private schools have the $$$ to spend on upgrading their security, and I'm not talking about more cameras to capture the carnage, but more armed police and armed private security personnel."

In the world outside of campus, there are police officers, but citizens in most states thankfully are not forced to rely only on police guns to defend themselves against armed criminals. They have the choice to be armed when police are not around to save them when criminals strike.

On campus, while there's a certain amount of government provided security, even college campus admin, staff, professors, and security personnel know that such security will not be able to save everyone from rape, robbery, and murder. 

Why should those on any campus property be denied the ability to provide for their own protection like people outside the campus world have as an option? Does that make any sense?

Is it just because colleges are suppose to be safe places, that disarming law-abiding adult citizens is somehow supposed to keep them safe? Isn't that like banning umbrellas on the weekend because we want Saturdays and Sundays to always be sunny?

The same argument has been used to ban citizens from carrying firearms in churches. "Churches are supposed to be places of safety" goes the disarmament argument. But that doesn't always mean they are. Waving one's hand about while saying something doesn't make it so. Signs that ban firearms don't imbue the location with a magic aura of protection.

Evil people intent on doing the greatest harm will seek out the least protected targets. So let's stop using the threat of jail and fines against people who merely wish to have the ability to save their lives and those of others when evil strikes. "Gun-free" zones are victim-rich zones, as has been proven over and over again.

Being armed is not an evil thing. Only being armed for the purpose of doing evil is an evil thing. Being armed for the purpose of stopping evil is a good thing indeed. One not need a badge to have this ability. It's that "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" thing. You know, freedom.

Join to help us continue the fight to continue to restore our carry rights in our state.

Monday, July 10, 2017

May It Please The Crown? Florida's Open Carry Ban Appealed to U.S. Supreme Court © 2017 by Phillip Evans

Monday, July 10th, 2017 has appealed the Norman case to the U.S. Supreme Court asking for a writ of certiorari to affirm the right of open carry. I applaud the decision to appeal this case.

Photo by ABC News

In the state of Florida, the Republican Legislature and Republican Governor for years has been content to let stand the Democrat ban on the open carry of firearms, which began in 1987.

Ever loving to talk a good game of "supporting" our Second Amendment Rights, ever loving to get A+ ratings from the NRA, ever loving to get re-election votes while promising to honor liberty, yet only delivering us crumbs once in a while, these RINO hypocrites must think highly of themselves.

Yes, in Florida, you can openly carry a rifle or shotgun while hunting, target shooting, fishing, or camping, or going to or from such activities. However, you are forbidden to carry a long gun otherwise, even if you have a weapons license.

You have a little more liberty with pistols, in that you may carry them concealed with a weapons license, and openly only under the list of activities mentioned above.

Where in the Second Amendment does it state, "keep and bear arms concealed"? At the time the Constitution was written, citizens generally carried their firearms openly, and even the modern U.S. Supreme Court case of District of Columbia v. Heller has the Court affirming that open carry is the embodiment of the Second Amendment.

If the carrying of firearms is done for the purpose of self-defense, being visibly armed is part of one's defense. Most criminals pick victims perceived to be unable to put up a fight. Why should an armed person be forced to appear to be unarmed?

Is not deterrence, where one need not shoot, better than having to open fire on an armed criminal who unwisely miscalculates whether you are armed?

Hopefully, the U.S. Supreme Court will finally hear a significant individual case regarding the carry of firearms outside the home, and will rule correctly in favor of freedom.

Then, the Court will have succeeded in actually supporting and upholding our Second Amendment Rights rather than just giving us lip service like the politicians do.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Florida Pro-Gun Bills Dead Yet Again © 2017 Phillip Evans

First of all, I need to eat a little crow. I had misstated the powers of the Florida Legislature's Senate President.

I didn't quite make it up out of thin air, but...grrr! I got the info secondhand, and shame on me, I didn't verify it.

Finally, I downloaded the Senate Rules (because someone corrected me) and searched through them. To my chagrin, I didn't see where the Senate President could just take a bill out of one committee and put it in another, or place it directly on the Senate floor.

Mea culpa, mea culpa!

Trusting the source is no excuse. I should have researched it.

So now, where are we at with Senate President Joe Negron and my holding him fully responsible for the failure of the Open Carry, Campus Carry, and Airport Carry bills to get out of the Senate Judiciary Committee and onto the Senate floor for a full vote?

Photo by Daylina Miller / WUSF

We're still at the same place, that's where. Joe Negron is still the man to blame.

Here's why:

Senator Negron appointed each one of them to that committee, as the Senate President's job is to appoint all members to their various committees.

When Sen. Negron appointed Sen. Greg Steube as the Senate Judiciary Chair, hopes went up that Sen. Steube's pro-liberty carry bills would see the light of day, and make it to the Governor's desk. 

However, all four Democrats Sen. Negron appointed to the Judiciary committee were opposed to the three earlier mentioned bills - no surprise there. And two of the Republicans he put on the committee, Sens. Anitere Flores and Rene Garcia, were also opposed to the bills.

That makes 6 to 3 against - two to one odds!

Senate President Joe Negron stacked the deck against us! Some have been calling out Sen. Flores as a turncoat and traitor, and she is. But the one who did the deck stacking is the one most responsible.

Was Sen. Negron just being clumsy and incompetent when he appointed those particular Senate Judiciary members? No. He knew precisely what he was doing. When you appoint your trusted friends, you know how they will rule on key issues, and Negron KNEW Senator Steube was about to drop on the table a strong bill that would substantially restore the exercise of Second Amendment Rights in Florida.

But restoring lost liberty was never a priority for Negron. Sabotaging our rights was the priority, apparently.

When all the gun rights proposals were initially introduced as a single bill, SB 140, it initially looked like Sen. Negron was doing the right thing by assigning it to "three committees, all chaired by conservative Republicans who passionately support gun-owners’ rights". 

But that turned out to just be smoke and mirrors, since having committees chaired by conservative Republicans doesn't mean diddly-squat if you've appointed a majority of committee members that would rule just the opposite.

Call and email Sen. Negron to let him know of your displeasure with his orchestrated derailing of Sen. Steube's pro-liberty bills that never reached the Senate floor for a full and honest vote.

I've also stated before that Senator Steube should be raising Cain and publicly calling out Sen. Negron to over-rule Flores. Instead, I should have said that he should have asked Sen. Negron to sign a motion to move the pro-carry measures (once they were broken up into multiple bills) out of the Judiciary Committee and into a more favorable committee, and then raise Cain if he declined.

Once such a motion was signed, it would have required a 2/3 vote of the full Senate, but had the vote occurred it would have put each Senator on record where they stood on our rights. 

However, I'm sure Negron would have refused the request. But those like Negron have to be pushed, poked, and prodded every which way but loose to teach them that each time they shrink back from their duty to honor the Constitution, more light is shone on them revealing what they really are.

Milktoast RINOs once again have denied us the restoration of our liberty. Folks, it's really up to us now to demand our rights, and with a much louder voice this time.

If truth be told most of the Republicans in the Florida Senate are RINOs. Why do you think they keep electing Senate Presidents like Andy Gardiner and Joe Negron? To give them cover to avoid an honest up or down vote on bills that restore our liberty to carry, that's why!

And I never once heard Gov. Rick Scott open his mouth to give one word of support to the bills, or to urge the Senate to get them to a vote. Silent again this year as he was last year. Some champion of our rights, huh?

So poke a finger in the eye of those hypocrite, lip-service politicians who laugh at us as they get their A+ NRA ratings. From now on carry concealed but in an obvious manner, being careful to do so on publicly owned property (beaches, parks, zoos, museums, libraries, etc) where you cannot be ejected or excluded merely for being armed, due to state preemption. Verify the location is actually owned by the city, county, or state. 

Check out this blog post on "Concealed Open Carry", and how it's a powerful way to use your First Amendment Rights to help get back your Second Amendment Rights.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

COC (Concealed Open Carry) - A Florida Protest! © 2017 Phillip Evans

COC, "Concealed Open Carry", is a quiet and peaceful First Amendment Protest, and it's coming to Florida. 

It's a manner of firearms carry that can legally be exercised by any citizen who possesses a weapons carry license issued by Florida or issued by any other state that is recognized by the state of Florida as a reciprocal state.

How Does One Do COC?

It can be something as simple as wearing a t-shirt in a public park or at any other publicly owned property * or building where licensed firearms carry is legal, which states: "Lawfully Armed".

Or wearing your spare ammo carrier or pouch openly. Or wearing Paul Schaller's "pistol dust cover" (pictured below on the left) over your outside-the-waistband holster and pistol. Or openly wearing any holster which fully covers your handgun - all of these things are legal in all places where concealed carry is legal, under current state law.

                                 Order- Click Here                       At Amazon

All of the above activities are also legal on private property, but you have to leave private property if asked, or risk being arrested for armed trespass, a felony.

Why Do COC?

Because once again, Florida (with a Republican majority in both state houses and a Republican Governor) has failed to restore the right of open carry of sidearms that citizens in 45 other states enjoy.

"Republican" turncoat and traitor, Senator Anitere Flores, the Senate President Pro Tempore in the Florida state legislature turned against almost two million licensed-to-carry citizens (after begging the NRA for a good rating in a personal letter when running for reelection), and used her position on the Senate Judiciary Committee to keep SB 644 (Open Carry) blocked in committee to keep it from a full vote in the Senate.

So far, she has not been over-ruled by Senate President Joe Negron (as he has the power to do, who is A+ rated by the NRA) in her decision to oppose this and other pro-liberty bills that would also legalize campus carry and airport carry (in non-sterile areas).

And Senator Greg Steube (good man and patriot), who sponsored those pro-freedom bills has not yet publicly called out Sen. Negron on his dereliction of duty, nor scheduled any hearings for the bills in his own committee.

Here we have tyranny and a defeatist attitude working together to again deny us the restoration of our rights. Typical for Florida these days.

But citizen patriots are starting to wake up, and we have a plan. If Florida politicians don't get it into gear this session, there will be some embarrassment for them until they get settled into their next legislative session.

Up to this point meek, mild, implorative petitions to have our Constitutional Rights honored and restored have so far fallen on the unconcerned ears of Republican state politicians who enjoy high ratings from the NRA, but who are loath to do anything substantial to actually earn their good grades.

Yes, we have had a precious few true friends from time to time in the Florida Legislature working to restore our basic self-defense firearms carry rights. As mentioned earlier, Senator Greg Steube is one such patriot and friend.

But the animosity runs so deep against licensed-to-carry citizens, that even Senator Steube (he should be raising Cain and publicly calling out Senator Negron) has fallen prey to some degree to a defeatist attitude. How deep, might you ask?

In Florida, you can be fined and jailed for not covering over your holstered pistol, even if you have submitted an application, paid the government fee (poll tax), passed the background checks, taken an approved training course, have been finger-printed and photographed, and finally issued a weapons carry license by the state.

And this infringement has been going on since 1987, when Democrat Janet Reno rallied the antis to make peaceful open carry a criminal act. That's a lot of deep.

After jumping through all the hoops Florida forces you to jump through in order to exercise your Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms as guaranteed by the Supreme Law of the Land, the U.S. Constitution, you have to keep your firearm HIDDEN under clothes or in a fanny pack or purse, or ELSE! The else is the threat of armed and badged agents of the government putting you in handcuffs and stuffing you into a patrol car for a free ride to jail, rudely interrupting your day.

The shame to Florida is that wearing a holstered pistol in broad daylight (or nighttime) uncovered in public is legal in 45 other states, with about 30 of those states not even requiring a carry license!

That's so sweet of Florida to protect people from themselves. If only licensed-to-carry citizens were responsible, law-abiding adults, Florida would not have to treat them like children who cannot handle that much freedom (have I laid on the sarcasm thick enough here?).

People will wonder if there is any real difference whether you see someone's handgun or not, as long as you clearly know the person is armed.

The public will know at that point that Florida having a general ban on carrying a holstered pistol openly is like someone loudly "whispering" a secret. What will be the point of the secrecy? Just because the government says it should be that way?

COC is likely to garner more attention than actual open carry, because it is a manner of carry that is a little unusual, in that people usually either carry concealed with no indication they are armed, or they carry openly.

But this quiet, non-confrontational protest is precisely what we need to demand our rights back. The reason to carry in a COC manner in the first place is because Florida is an unusual state. It's firearms carry laws are strange.

You see, in Florida, open carry of handguns is no legal trouble at all if you do so while fishing, hunting, target shooting, or camping - or directly going to or from those activities, WITH NO CARRY LICENSE REQUIRED!

To put a licensed-to-carry mother or father in jail for not covering their holstered pistol in any other circumstance, such as when walking on a trail in a park or down the street, after jumping through all the hoops to receive a carry license is immoral, especially in light of Second Amendment protections against such abuse.

Licensed-to-carry citizens in Florida have been proven to be six times less likely to commit crime than law enforcement. Why should law-abiding citizens be barred from publicly exercising their right to be armed?

Why does Florida have to be the odd-ball among supposedly liberty-loving Southern states?

South Carolina is the only other Southern state to generally ban open carry of handguns, but it looks like their H.3930 bill is on the way to success, having recently passed their House, which will legalize open carry for them if it becomes law.

To Florida I say: Remove the infringements and let citizens carry as they choose - concealed or openly. Liberty Demands It!

At the very least, RINO politicians need to stop pretending they support our rights while they maneuver to backstab us. At least be honest about it like the Democrats who oppose our freedoms.

So far, their excuse has been tourist dollars, but where are the tourists going to go when Florida removes criminal penalties for open carry, to the 45 other states where open carry is legal now?

I routinely open carry in Georgia, in the Metro Atlanta area no less, where tourists abound, with no issues. Even during crowded festivals. The tourism argument measured against our rights is like weighing a feather against a brick.

The good news is that, of which I am a member, has now endorsed COC as a valid means of exercising our First Amendment Rights along with our Second Amendment Rights. Folks, this means the kid gloves are off! The politicians will now know we mean serious business.

Certainly, those of us who COC will use our freedom of speech to speak with a voice loud enough to finally be heard. Here's to victory!

The advantage of COC style carry in and on public property (unless courthouse, school, etc.) is that you cannot be trespassed for being armed and peacefully advertising that fact, due to the protections of firearm state law preemption, and the First Amendment.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Florida Tourism Dollars Trumps Open Carry Rights © 2017 Phillip Evans

4.9 Billion Dollars - Florida state tax revenue for 2014 with 98.9 million visitors.

In 2015, there were 105 million visitors, which translates to 5.2 Billion Dollars in state tax revenue if spending still averaged the same for each person.

Folks, we are talking BIG Tourist Bucks!

Photo by Pat Williams

When Florida Governor Rick Scott said he would sign a bill legalizing the open carry of holstered pistols by licensed-to-carry citizens, he surely had those dollar signs in his eyes making sure there would never be a bill to sign.

How do I know this? Virtually every bill he has wanted passed, the Governor has worked with the Florida Legislature to get it done, or at least strongly signaled to them to get it done.

Time after time, open carry bills have failed in Senate committees - at the hands of Diaz de la Portilla (backed up by Senate President Andy Gardiner) in 2016, and Sen. Anitere Flores (backed up so far by Senate President 
Joe Negron) this year, and others in prior years, and the Governor has never opened his mouth and made one peep about it. 

Not one single word that I've seen anywhere. Why?

Too many other things on his mind to focus just a little time on repairing the damage done in 1987?

To him, things are going as planned. I believe he has either explicitly told Senate leadership to keep those bills off his desk, or he has subtly signaled it by other means, at least by his silence and contentment at what has been happening year after year.

To the Governor, our Second Amendment Rights are NOT A PRIORITY, or he would have said something, anything about the pro-liberty gun carry bills being continually shot down in the Senate.

For some reason, the vast majority of Senate Republicans in Florida seem to feel the same way. Patriot Senator Greg Steube is certainly an exception, and maybe a small handful of others, if that.

This majority of Republicans proclaim their love of liberty, but in reality too much liberty gives them a stomach ache. Their appetite for liberty goes only so far, and no more.

Even now with a U.S. President who promised, "No more gun-free zones", they STILL can't muster the courage to restore the Second Amendment Right of open carry, even for vetted and licensed-to-carry citizens!

Think about it - were most guns so small as to be easily concealable when the Second Amendment was written, especially with the outfits that were worn then? At that time it was considered sneaky to only carry concealed firearms. 

The Founding Fathers understood "bear arms" to obviously mean primarily out in the open. And although Federal Courts have ruled there is no Second Amendment Right to carry concealed firearms, they have ruled that the right applies to openly carried arms. 

Although I disagree that concealed firearms do not enjoy Second Amendment protections, at least the courts have understood that open carry is a manner of carry clearly under the protection of the Second Amendment

However, the Florida Supreme Court disagrees! Let's hope the U.S. Supreme Court slaps that ill-informed decision down. But that could take years, unfortunately.

Janet Reno orchestrated the open carry ban in 1987 in Florida. Why are these Republicans who give us lip service about Second Amendment Rights so enamored with her legacy? She's dead now, and it's high time her infringement legacy died as well.

We might not get open carry this year, but until we do, we can put a thumb in the eye of backstabbing politicians by using our First Amendment Rights to peacefully show we are lawfully armed with a firearm in public, even though we have to cover the hardware itself with a piece of cloth.

Does anyone with a modicum of common sense believe that tourists will avoid Florida if open carry is legalized, only to go to 45 other states where open carry is legal now?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Florida: Hiding Your Gun In The Open © 2017 Phillip Evans

"Liberty loving" Republicans in Florida get A+ ratings from the NRA, and talk a good game of supporting our Second Amendment Rights.

But for some reason they can't seem to stomach something so mild as to allow licensed-to-carry citizens to carry their holstered pistols uncovered without facing fines and jail, and a criminal record.

Right now, open carry, campus carry, and airport carry bills are languishing in the Senate Judiciary Committee, supposedly dead for the year, once again, because Republican leadership in the Senate is giving timid RINOs the political cover to avoid taking a public vote on these bills.

Turncoat Republican Senator Anitere Flores so far is not being over-ruled by her boss, Senate President Joe Negron (die-hard "supporter" of the Second Amendment), who has the authority to bring the bills to the floor for a full and honest vote, in spite of the committee. So much for their "support" of liberty.

So we are going to protest in a peaceful and open manner to help educate the public that open carry will not be the panic inducer that the antis make it out to be. After all, 45 other states have licensed or unlicensed open carry of handguns. And plenty of Florida tourists live in those states. Plenty of foreign tourists also visit those 45 states in spite of legal open 

If you want to carry openly in Florida, under current law, it is permitted only if fishing, camping, hunting, or shooting, or going to or from those activities.

So the next best thing is to wear a dust cover on your gun hiding it from view, satisfying the concealment requirement of the law, but not hiding the fact you are armed, as a graphic print of a pistol is on the cover leaving no doubt what it is for.

What a great way to use our First Amendment Rights to get around Florida's infringement of our Second Amendment Rights!

So far, it looks like law-enforcement understands that this product is legal.

Click here if you'd like to order one for yourself or a friend.

From the product's creator:

"The '2nd Amendment Dust Cover' was created from the idea of getting into the public eye information about concealed carry and how it relates to the Florida 790 statute.  This medium allows me to express my views on how the current Florida 790 statute relates to Florida's over 2 million licensed, concealed carriers.

The "2nd Amendment Dust Cover" has an image on it of a firearm in a holster. This allows those around you to know that you are carrying. This is the prelude to open carry and will hopefully ease any tensions with people when and if open carry is passed in Florida. The cover is created of a cloth material that when used correctly, will cover the firearm completely thus complying with the Florida 790 statute."


Breaking News as of 04/24/2017 - It appears as though Paul's "dust cover" or as one commenter stated, "Cheetos cover" is starting to go viral.

Unfortunately, many who are supposedly pro-gun rights are denigrating the product on a tactical basis or a looks basis.

For those who are, you are MISSING THE POINT. We'd rather not wear these things, and yes, they do look silly. But the fact is, they are a means to an end. They are meant to show tourists and the general public in Florida that we want to carry openly in a normal fashion, but since 1987 that will get us arrested, jailed, and fined.

So at least keep talking about it to help spread the word, and maybe one day we will all have the CHOICE to carry openly or concealed as liberty dictates.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Florida Open Carry: A Thumb In The Eye! © 2017 Phillip Evans

Tourism Dollars: The number one reason Florida Republicans REFUSE to recognize our Constitutional Right to peacefully carry our holstered sidearms in public openly.

Don't tell me that Governor Rick Scott isn't in on it. If he truly wanted open carry legalized, he would have told the Legislature to get it done, and it would have happened by now. But he has tourist dollars dancing in his eyes.

If we licensed-to-carry citizens don't hide our pistols underneath a shirt or coat, or in a fanny-pack or purse, we get arrested, fined, and jailed - and a permanent criminal record, while the criminals who hide theirs until they are ready to use them get no penalties at all, unless they get caught.

When you have about 32 or so states that allow open carry of pistols WITHOUT a license required, the UNFAIRNESS tends to stick in one's craw.

When all but about five states allow open carry of pistols whether with or without a license, one wonders what is wrong with Florida.

It's that tourism thing, I'm pretty sure. Democrats and RINOs both have said so openly.

Where are those tourists coming from to Florida? From those 45 other states where open carry is legal. And don't get me started with foreign tourists. I've carried around thousands of them in Georgia at crowded parks with no issues. No one ran and screamed, and no one posted on the Internet that they will never return to Georgia because they saw a holstered pistol on someone's hip who wasn't wearing a shiny badge.

So here's the plan: Stick a big fat thumb in the eye of lip-service politicians who pretend to support our Second Amendment Rights, but who refuse to actually do it.

While legally concealing your pistol, wear t-shirts with the free graphic images below that I created (I did not create the pistol portion of the graphic - it was free also, but I did improve it a little).

Embarrass the politicians! Wear these on publicly owned property such as at city and county parks and beaches where you cannot be ejected or trespassed merely for being armed, due to Florida's state preemption law on firearms - especially during large public events. 

You will need to convert these graphics to PNG format and add transparency, but that is easy with free graphics programs such as Gimp and Inkscape.

You can then print them out on iron-on paper and put them on your own t-shirts, or you can upload the files to Zazzle and order your t-shirts from them.

Share the link to this blog post all over Facebook, Internet forums, Blogs, and email these images to all your family and friends that would like to see open carry legalized in Florida!

Also, email these images to TV News and Internet News Sites to let them know that we will use these as a means of peaceful protest whenever we can.

Hopefully, these images will give you some ideas to make your own!